Pakistan Taliban video flaunts attacks on local forces

My report for @BBCMonitoring on the latest TTP video released on 17th Dec. The video showcases TTP attacks against the Pakistani security forces during Sep-Oct-Nov.

The report offers significant context and insight about TTP operations and rhetoric., highly recommended to access it through BBCM.

The video shows footage of 19 attacks conducted in Bajaur, South and North Waziristan. The video claims that TTP has carried out 68 attacks in the last three months, killing 151 and injuring 40 people. 80% of these attacks have inflicted losses to the army.

The video also remains focused on the enforced disappearances in Pakistan by showing footage of Baloch women protesting for demanding to release their missing family members, in addition to a clip of Syed Munawar Hassan accusing the army of these disappearances.

It is a 24-minutes video, the 4th episode of the al-Karraroun series of the Umar media first released in Jun 2018, which covers the TTP attacks in Pakistan, mostly in the tribal district of Khyber Pukhtoonkhawa province or formerly Federally administered tribal areas (FATA).



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Abdul Sayed

I am a research analyst focusing on jihadism, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.